Panasonic DP-8016P digital imager copier, DP8016P

Panasonic WORKiO™  DP-8016P Digital Copier

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Panasonic DP-8016P ZDCopier, Network Printer

Panasonic DP-8016P Digital Imaging Copier



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Panasonic DP-8016P Digital Copier Network Printer

Item # : PANDP8016P

Mfr Part #: DP8016P

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Panasonic DP-8016P Digital Copier
Panasonic Workio DP8016P, DP-8016P

Required Accessories:      
  • Panasonic - DA-AS181 Automatic Document Feeder
$399.85 Add to Cart
  • Panasonic - DQ-TU10J Toner (Yield: 10,000 Pages)
$67.85 Add to Cart
  • Panasonic - DQ-Z60J Developer (Yield: 60,000 Pages)
$48.85 Add to Cart
Recommended Accessories:      
  • Panasonic DQH60J Drum (Yield: 60,000 Pages)
$30.85 Add to Cart
  • Panasonic DAUC200 Platen Cover
$69.85 Add to Cart
  • Panasonic DA1D18A Tall Stand
$169.85 Add to Cart
  • Panasonic DA1D18B Mediumm Stand
$159.85 Add to Cart
  • Panasonic DA1D18C Short Stand
$149.85 Add to Cart
  • Panasonic DS184 2nd and 4th Paper Feed Module
$209.85 Add to Cart
  • Panasonic DS185 3rd Paper Feed Module
$289.85 Add to Cart
  • Panasonic DANS180 Network Scanning Module
$469.85 Add to Cart
  • Panasonic DANF180 Internet Fax/Email Module
$469.85 Add to Cart
  • Panasonic DANF600 Internet Fax Module
$339.85 Add to Cart
  • Panasonic DASM64B 64MG Image Memory Upgrade
$159.85 Add to Cart
  • Panasonic DASM128B 128MG Image Memory Upgrade
$279.85 Add to Cart
  • Panasonic DAHD18 Hard Disk Drive Unit
$489.85 Add to Cart
  • Panasonic DAPC820 Printer Controller Module
$479.85 Add to Cart
  • Panasonic DAPC188 PDL Printer Controller Module
$349.85 Add to Cart
$54.85 Add to Cart
Warranty & Installation:
$249.99 Add to Cart
$399.99 Add to Cart
$225.00 Add to Cart


Welcome to the world of Panasonic digital imaging platforms where digital communications and imaging technology converge. Empowering your business with more versatility, higher reliability, greater ease of use and expanded network connectivity, Panasonic copier/printers are the "office power tool" for your business, and the DP-8016P is no exception.

Compact affordable workgroup solutions
Combining printer and copier functions in a single platform with ledger-size capability, the DP-8016P provides a practical, cost effective solution for office document processing. The standard 10/100 Ethernet interface allows the DP-8016P to serve as a network printer right out of the box. By moving the output tray inside and eliminating protruding paper trays, the DP-8016Ps small footprint saves valuable office space. This compact wingless design enables installation anywhere, even on a small desktop.

High Speed Network Ready Printing
When connected to your office LAN via the standard 10Base-T/100Base-TX Ethernet interface, the DP-8016P serves as a high-speed, high-quality laser printer capable of handling documents up to ledger (11x17) size. Even while performing at a quick 16ppm (letter size), the printer maintains crisp 1,200 dpi equivalent x 600 dpi image quality. This standard connectivity will allow all the PCs on your LAN to take advantage of the printing capabilities and cost savings provided by the Workio DP-8016P. When connecting to an individual PC, a standard USB interface is available. To top it all off, the DP-8016P has a variety of business friendly functions such as Poster Mode, and N-in-1 Print.

You Know its Ready
The Device Monitor allows you to check the current status of the DP-8016P without leaving your desk. When the Toner is low or the paper tray is empty, Users can respond immediately especially when trying to meet an important deadline.

High Speed Digital Copier
The DP-8016P copies at a quick 16ppm with crisp 600dpi quality, provides ledger-size input and output, and improves efficiency with double exposure, 2-in-1 copying, Digital SkyShot and Image Rotation. An Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) is available as an option to accelerate copying of multi-page originals. And with standard electronic sorting, you wont have to hand-sort those larger copy jobs. In addition to 600x600 DPI resolution and a 256 level gray scale, the DP-8016P consistently provides optimum image quality by constantly monitoring and adjusting for room temperature and humidity conditions.

Double Exposure
By Selecting the Double Exposure function, users can make quality copies of double-sided documents on a single sheet of paper without the black borders, even if the platen cover is open. This is especially convenient for copying small double-sided originals such as ID and insurance cards, checks, and receipts.

Digital Age Security
Know your Users
User Authentication

User authentication not only bolsters security and ease of administration by using the same user names and passwords registered in your Windows Active Director server databasae, but is also enables the setting of usage restriction on printing and copying for more efficient cost management and control.

Multi-Level Security
The Mailbox features gives users the chance to store print jobs at the device. This way, users are able to print documentation at a later time to help keep their print job separate from everyone elses.
Secure Mailbox

Confidential documents can be temporarily stored in the secure mailbox. Users enter their passwords to safely print out the documents at any time they choose.


  • All-around printing
  • Versatile copying
  • "Digital age" security

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